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Meteor Festival is a visionary and cutting edge musical journey that surpasses borders and distorts time and space themselves.

Its location – Open ranges of the Upper Galilee, a promising spot for out-of-body experiences, since the dawn of history.

Its timing – Just before Rosh HaShana and after the summer heat cools down, for three days and two nights we plan to create an alternative reality and dive right in.

The Festival will host over 50 international acts and about as many local artists, and was curated with the understanding that in our current time the limits of genre and scene are broken, and a wide bridge now connects styles, generations and audiences.

The format is a three days long music festival with 5 stages, camping under the pecan trees, a diverse and high quality catering area (that caters to everyone!), an open-air cinema, an arcade tent, art displays, and many more activities to be announced.




Apart from the never-ending work your ears will have, the festival grounds will include activities to stimulate other parts in your body and mind: spectacular art exhibits, meditation and yoga sessions, film screenings in the open air, merchandise stands and many more.

Are you installation artists? Contact us.

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Experts of exotic topics like black holes, conspiracy theories or spiritualism in the Big Data age? We’d love to hear more.