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Meteor Statement RE: BDS




Meteor is an independent, private project based upon a dream of individuals. We built this event brick by brick by ourselves, asking or receiving no support, funds or benefits from any governmental or political entity.

Therefore, affiliating us with that is nothing short of absurd – as in fact, we’re pretty much the only festival in the world who’s 100% politics free.

We do not collaborate with any govt or embassy and we’re are covering everything ourselves out of pocket money and bank loans.

 The location of the festival is non-controversial. A private land chosen specifically as we have intended, from the start, to create as inclusive a setting as possible.

We believe deeply in music’s capacity to transcend and heal humanity’s rifts. This is where sincere dialog and true understanding can take root. Failure to identify that opportunity is an exercise in perpetuating hopelessness on all sides.

Our agenda is and has always been peace, coexistence, equality and our only aim is to bring people of all kinds together through the common love for music and art and our mindset from the very start has been to emphasis pluralism and cultural diversity.

This is reflected in our lineup which is made up of various acts from all corners of the globe and all walks of life, as we aspire to transcend cultural and political differences with an event that welcomes everyone (who is 18+) and offers the grounds for an escapist and pure peace experience.

We’ve approached this festival with a clear vision of creating a new base for dialogue, and we find taking part and playing in this festival can be used a privilege; a unique chance to unite, learn and educate and certainly not for provoking.

No one will make us hate, that includes the BDS which insanely politicised our event. no one.

Music heals, politics kills.

The Meteor Team.

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Line Up Update


Artists Joining Meteor Festival: Actress Alek lee & Naduve Cain & Abel 90210 Dan Shake Dj Tennis Jasper James Secretsundaze…

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Meteor 2018 >> FULL LINE UP



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Children Entrance is ALLOWED


due to your requests and after consulting the authorities, kids under 8 are welcome and free of charge

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